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Founded in 2021, LIMBIX CUT is a group of film editing professionals,  celebrated for their creative vision, award-winning editing.

LIMBIX CUT comes from the word 'Limbic System', a group of brains that control motivation, mood and learning. It is also known as an Emotional Brain.

Telling a story, whether it is 15 seconds or 15 hours, the most important thing in film is emotion. It doesn't matter that the film is very personal piece, or it is about broad social issues, an indie film, or a blockbuster, in the end, it comes down to emotion generated by the Limbic System.
LIMBIX CUT places great emphasis on the emotion and feelings of storytelling.

We aim to be an editing company in Thailand that works by international standards. Including helping to drive personnel development as well as  working system in Thailand, making the industry of film editors even stronger. It is a gathering place for great workers. A diversified place full of creativity and made by heart.
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